Our self-service dog wash includes:
• Temperature controlled stations
• Elevated tiled tubs
• Waterproof aprons
• Shampoo’s of your choice:

Our self- serve dog wash allows one-on-one time for you and your best fur-friend. Our wash provides a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere with elevated tiled tubs, temperature controlled water stations, Tv or music of your choice for the both of you to enjoy. You’ll also receive fluffy towels, brushes and combs, water proof aprons, along with shampoo & conditioners of your choice. After the wash, our staff will assist you into the private drying rooms where we will furnish you with high velocity dryers to making drying easier. “The fun part, we clean up all the mess.” Enjoy, relax and give your dog the gift of clean.

Organic Dog

Lime & Coconut Pet Shampoo with Omega 3 & 6 nourishes their skin to effectively reduce shedding and provide a deep refreshing clean. Pomegranate and awapuhi help remove excess hair and eliminate tangles – while oatmeal and coconut keep her skin and coat healthy and happy.

Dazzling Dog

Alpha White Shampoo is an effective stain remover and coat brighter that can be used regularly for show ring results giving your dogs coat a cotton fluffy feel!

Dirty Dog

Get the dirt out with our Grimeinator Shampoo for dogs and cats. Remove even the toughest grime with this professional formula, deep-cleaning pet shampoo. Leaves coats soft, manageable, and lustrous.

Day to Day Dog

Berry & Coconut Deep Clean Shampoo for dogs and cats cleans, revitalizes, and conditions without harsh chemicals. Formulated with peach, papaya and strawberry to give coats a lustrous shine.


• Fluffy towels
• Automated temperature controlled warm water
• High velocity, pet safe dryer
• An assortment of grooming tools

Small dogs: $12
Medium dogs: $22
Large dogs: $25
X-large dogs: $28
Example Breeds:
St. Bernard
Bernese Mountain

Professional Services Menu

Clean Canines- (teeth polishing) $10
Professional Pawdicure $15
Paws and listen- nail trim and ear cleansing $20